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Part 1

Sonic is Set on a journey when he discovers a mysterious crystal that looks like it fell from space.

Part 2

Eggman has found Sonic holding The space crystal that holds unlimited power. Which is what he needs for his plan to create his Eggman land. But there is some weird writing on the crystal. So once Sonic was about to take it to Tails, Eggman snatched the crystal and flew of in his Eggfleet. So Sonic needs to chase it down and get that crystal back.

Part 3

Sonic has just made it into the engine room of Eggman's fleet. Now he has to find out where Eggman's keeping the crystal and retrive it fast. And figure out why Eggman wants it.

Part 4

Sonic has made it half way into Eggman's fleet and is about to get the crystal back so he can take it to Tails and have Tails scan the ancient writing on his computer to see what it says(Eggman also knows what the writing says) so that they can get a hint on why Eggman wanted it.

Part 5

Sonic is now underground and needs to get to Tails fast so that he can see what the mysterious writing says on the crystal, and why it's starting to glow...

Part 6

Sonic has finally reached Tails and has asked him to scan the writing on the crystal on his computer to see what it says, and it says: "Four crystals, each holding a different element of power, when all four activated, then two worlds will collide, and he will be awakened". Sonic now knows why Eggman wants the crystal, so he can awaken the creature written on the crystal. Sonic then asked Tails if he knew if all the other crystals were taken away from there temples and he said no, but,he knows someone that would know, Shadow. Tails then asked Sonic to meet him at his flying base(that's where the tornado is) at the other side of the waste land, in order to fly to Shadow at G.U.N agency.

Part 7 Boss Battle

Sonic has just made it to Tails's flying base, but, there was something in the way that looks like trouble... the ICE SERPENT.

Part 8

Sonic has just defeated the ICE SERPENT and jumped into the tornado with Tails to fly to Shadow who might have some more info on the crystal, and Eggman is sending everything he's got to try and keep them away from G.U.N. Also Sonic noticed a comparison with the crystal and the ICE SERPENT, both of those things have this symbol on them .:. , perhaps that serpent was created by the crystal? What is this crystals power? And what else can it cause? Find out in part 9...

Part 9

Sonic and Tails were just a few miles away from G.U.N in the tornado, when suddenly the Egg-fleet started firing at them, they didn't have time to fight so Tails told Sonic to jump out of the plane and dash to G.U.N while he takes on the Egg-fleet.

Part 10

Sonic has just made it to Shadow the hedgehog at G.U.N hq and he told him what was going on, Shadow then told Sonic the story about the crystal, he said that about 5 years ago, 4 meteors hit Earth, each containing one crystal, and when they hit, four different colored ashes which were red, blue, whitish grayish, and green soared into the Pacific Ocean, but when G.U.N touched one of the crystals, all of them started to glow, and then they all sent out a fifth color to the Pacific Ocean, Black, and then all the crystals flew back up to space, it's unknown what they did, or what the colors stand for but G.U.N has been researching info on that ever since it happened. So then Sonic asks if there's any way that they can find out what it is and how to stop it, then Shadow says that there is a temple close to G.U.N that's all about the crystals but the only problem is that the temple doors won't open unless you have one of the four crystals, Sonic then shows Shadow the crystal, Shadow then asks how he got it and Sonic tells him that it's a long story, Shadow then tells Sonic to stay here and when he calls Tails on his communicator, then they should fly towards the temple in the tornado, and pick up Shadow. Part 11, coming soon...

Part 11 Boss Battle

Once Tails dropped of Sonic, he was face to face with Eggman in his EGG-FLEET. So Now Tails must defend Sonic by trying to destroy the ship, before Eggman does something to the Temple, Shadow, or Sonic! It's up to Tails.

Part 12

Tails was 2 seconds away from defeating the Egg fleet, but Eggman used a giant metal claw to grab the Tornado and brought it in to the Egg fleet. Eggman then stored Tails and the Tornado in the chamber of the fleet, but right before that, Eggman reached in the Tornado and grabbed the Chaos Emerald that was powering it! Eggman then put the Chaos Emerald in the head of the fleet which transformed the Egg Fleet to the Egg Fleet phase 2! Meanwhile, Shadow read the description in the temple and it said to stop the Ring of .:. , You must bring the fire, water, air, and Earth sphere to the main temple along with the elemental sphere. Tails then called Shadow on his communicator and told him the problem, Shadow said that he will look for the fleet right away, as soon as he calls Sonic to check on him, Tails then asked him to hurry before Eggman does something, because he heard him talking about going to the Pacific Ocean! Shadow then called Sonic, but he didn't answer, he called again, but he still didn't answer. Eggman then grabbed the top of the temple with the giant metal claw and stored it in the fleet! Shadow then saw that as an opportunity to sneak in the Egg fleet phase 2. Why won't Sonic answer the calls? Why does Eggman want to go to the Pacific Ocean? Why does Eggman want the top half of the temple? Why am I in love with a pineapple? Oh uh, never mind with the pineapple part. Find out, in part 13, coming soon...

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